Business trip to Lübeck


Planning a business trip is a little challenge. Business trips have to be flawless, without any mishaps especially when you travel to a place that’s far away, or even to a foreign country. Thinking of your business meetings, or presentations the stress level is growing. So the trip itself should be as relaxing as possible.

Planning is the solution... You have to plan your trip carefully and check out what you have to take along.

A business trip in Lübeck – overnight stay

If your journey is done and you arrived at your destination the hotel is the next important step to a successful and stressless business trip. The Baltic Hotel Lübeck provides all the facilities and comfort expected by a business traveler. Free W-Lan, an early bird breakfast and late check in / check out are a few of the advantages offered by the Baltic Hotel Lübeck.

Activities for business travelers in Lübeck

Nearby the town center, the location of the Baltic Hotel Lübeck invites you for a short walk to the strip, where many restaurants and cafés are set in front of the picturesque backdrop of old buildings, churches and the riverside. If you have time to discover the city, there are sightseeing tours by bus or boat, which are very popular.

Or you can visit one of the numerous art and history museums. Whatever you prefer, there is some great thing to do for everyone.

Office spaces and seminar rooms for rent in Lübeck

Just in the center of Lübeck, surrounded by old churches and half-timbered houses, you can find the Cloudsters Community. Cloudsters is a merger of businessmen and women from different branches. In the building of Cloudsters, you can rent rooms for business meetings and also for whole seminars.

Technique fittings can be prepared for you, like beamers or microphones, as you wish.

Got everything? The checklist for business travelers

Have I forgotten something? This question spooks around in our heads every time we go on a journey. Especially for a business trip, it is a very important question to ask. Just imagine you forgot the data you need for your presentation, a nightmare. To bend this forward, you need a packing list.


  • Identity card, passport, driver’s license
  • Tickets for bus, train or plane
  • Confirmation of reservation
  • Addresses from hotel, venue or meeting location
  • Documents for the business meeting


  • Charger cable
  • Laptop
  • cell phone