Bay of Lübeck

From the Baltic Hotel Lübeck to the Baltic Sea Combining beach holiday and city break?

With a holiday at the Baltic Hotel Lübeck no problem. Due to the hotel's convenient location, the beach of the Baltic Sea in the Lübecker Bucht is only a short drive away.

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Combining city vacation with beach visits?

Ideal from Lübeck Enjoy the diverse cultural experiences of a city trip while at the same time taking a break on a beach of the Baltic Sea? Almost too good to be true, but with holiday in Lübeck it’s possible since the Hanseatic city of Lübeck is just a short drive away from stunning beaches of the Baltic Sea and its  lively promenades.

Whether you are looking for the tranquility of nature, wanting to experience the originality of Schleswig-Holstein, or go to the beach with the whole family for a swim or to build sand castles, Lübeck is the ideal place for any venture.
Even tourists traveling with dogs are catered for by the extensive stretches of beach open for taking your dog for a walk. If you want to enjoy time together, you will find inviting restaurants and bistros on the numerous beach promenades, or you can experience a romantic sunset in a beach chair close to the water.

Straight there - ideal public transport connections

From the Baltic Hotel Lübeck it is only a five-minute walk to the train station, from which there is an hourly train to Travemünde. The bus service to the Priwall ferry and the pier in the direction of Travemünde harbor is just as regular. So you are free to be spontaneous and are able to quickly travel into the surroundings of Lübeck.
A very special experience is the canal tour from Lübeck to Travemünde. On the ship, you will experience the impressive nature of Schleswig-Holstein and finally reach the harbor town of Travemünde - Lübeck's beautiful daughter. Travemünde is an ideal destination and offers the right mix of traditional gastronomy, sights and the original Baltic atmosphere.

For an afternoon to the Baltic Sea - Or rather just a day trip?

Start in the morning after a varied breakfast at the Baltic Hotel Lübeck, spend a whole day at the beach and relax in the evening in your own hotel bed. Lübeck’s convenient location offers you great day trips into the surrounding countryside without any need to change your hotel.

Excursion destination - Lübecker Bucht

Clear your mind with fresh sea air, and leave the stress of everyday life behind you with fun and games on the beach. This fantastic experience is offered in the Lübecker Bucht. It is a family paradise and delights young and old with its unique natural surrounding and great events such as the famous sailing regatta of the "Travemünder Woche".
About fifty-five kilometers of beach mark the Lübecker Bucht between Travemünde on the one side, and Dahme on the other. In between there are unique holiday resorts such as Scharbeutz, Sierksdorf, Haffkrug, Timmendorfer Strand and Bad Schwartau. Of course there is also the typical Baltic Sea coast with its unique nature experiences such as the Brodtener bluff, the island of Poel and numerous bird watching stations along the Vogelfluglinie.

Travemünde - small section about 100 m beach in the area of the Steindamm / Brodtnerufer after the Lübeck Yacht Club. Advantage, it costs nothing, nearby is a snack for the small appetite in between, but the bank edge is secured with large stones and it is rather manageable. Alternatively - go up on the Brodtnerufer with your darling on a leash.

Priwall - Designated beach area about 350 meters from the landing stage of the pedestrian ferry. During the bathing season, beach usage fees will apply from 15 May to 14 September. And from Travemünde you can only reach it by ferry, which costs extra.